Our Criteria

ECHO supports projects that are transparent, comply to the highest ethical standards, implement the latest laws and guidelines and can prove the success of their approach. We hope therefore, to only select the best organizations in Southeast Asia. Our experience in the region has taught us that a great deal of money and resources gets misused in local and in international organizations. For that reason we use a strict selection procedure.

Our ECHO members or local contacts will visit and evaluate each organization that we want to support. They will investigate both on the ground, and remotely, if these organizations comply to our criteria. See below:


The organization

  • has and respects a strict Child Protection Policy and implements it with everyone that is involved with the organization and/or comes into contact with their beneficiaries.

  • holds itself to a strict Code of Conduct and applies this to everyone that is involved with the organization and/or comes in contact with their beneficiaries.

  • respects Human and Children’s Rights and reflects this in its practices and programs.

  • has the (long-term) goal of being completely and independently run by inhabitants of the country where the organization is active.

  • offers complete financial transparency:

    • all financial data is available

    • correct tracking of the donations and their allocation to programs.

  • implements and follows the by-laws and local legislation correctly.

  • is not an orphanage or a residential center and does not support such an institution.

  • takes a neutral stance with regards:

    • Religion

    • Politics

  • follows a strict volunteer Policy. To ensure the wellbeing of the children it is essential that the volunteering complies with these conditions: priority to long-term commitments with a clear goal and a clear policy concerning contact with and relation to the children.

  • carries out projects based on integrity and human dignity.

  • works with a preference for community based action (involving families and local communities).

  • is preferably a local, independent organization or NGO, with direct impact and thorough understanding of family situations, context and culture in which it is active.

  • respects each individual and community in every project it undertakes.



Becoming our Partner

ECHO welcomes new applications from local children NGOs in South-East Asia. Make sure your organisation matches our selection criteria as listed above. If you believe there is a sufficient match between your NGO and ECHO, we invite you to download and fill in our Application Form.

Send your application to info@worldofecho.org.