Children deserve the opportunity to lead a full and independent life



ECHO: 'Expanding Children's Opportunities'

ECHO creates opportunities for children from underprivileged communities across Southeast Asia. We want all children to be able to reach their personal potential in a safe and supportive environment together with their families.

We believe fundamentally that all children deserve the same chances for a healthy and happy life worldwide. Those chances enable structural changes in their lives and those of their parents, families and communities. The success of future generations will be built on investments in children today.

For that reason, ECHO supports projects that offer these opportunities. Said projects must be ethical, transparent, and have a perspective which will produce long-term change.



Starting in Cambodia. Why?

A high percent of children in Cambodia face significant challenges. 10% of children will never go to school, and of those that do, 40% will stop after primary school. This is partly due to the quality and the accessibility of education, but also due to income poverty, lack of healthcare and the absence of a social safety net.

Many families live on extremely low wages. One in three people survive on €1.6 a day, and more than one in three children has to work to support their family.

Our support is needed.