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Aziza’s place is a local Cambodian nonprofit learning and development center for underprivileged children in Phnom Penh. The children come primarily from families in disadvantaged communities. The families face significant challenges in earning a living and providing necessary care for their children.

For over 11 years, Aziza’s Place supports these families, who have lived and worked mostly on and around garbage dumpsites. In close collaboration with the families and communities, Aziza’s Place offers a wide range of educational and developmental services.



The mission of Aziza’s Place is to support vulnerable children in Phnom Penh to ensure their development, with the hope that they will become responsible and productive members of society.

Aziza’s Place creates awareness in families that education is the key to the future for every child. They encourage the children and help them to become independent, so that they procure financial security for themselves and their families. When it is necessary Aziza’s Place (temporary) supports families financially. They want to secure a safe and stable living situation for all their beneficiaries. For that reason, Aziza’s Place’s social workers regularly visit the communities. They advise the families and guide them in the mission of building a stable home for their children.



Aziza’s Place currently supports over 40 children and their families. In total, their programs affect the lives of over 300 members of the poorest communities south of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


What do they do for the children?

  • Provide transportation between home, the center and school.
  • Provide three nutritious meals and healthy snacks.
  • Give tuition and provide other school-related costs; uniforms, backpacks, books, etc.
  • Provide Healthcare; insurance, vaccinations, dental, and doctor costs.
  • In addition, to attending school, the children are given extra lessons to develop crucial skills and knowledge, primarily in Math, English, and IT.
  • Contribute to physical and mental wellbeing with programs in music, dance, karate and swimming.
  • Provide biweekly psychological guidance sessions to help the children through difficult, emotional periods in a safe and caring environment.

What do they do for the parents and communities?

  • Social workers visit the communities on a daily bases. They evaluate how the children and their families are doing and provide them with the relevant guidance and advice.
  • Offer training programs for the parents to offer them more insight in the development of their children, various forms of child abuse and how to recognize and prevent them.
  • Offer job counseling to family members in finding better jobs, instead of working on the unsafe and unhealthy garbage dumpsites.


Financial approach

Aziza's Place actual spent budget allocation in 2017

In 2017, Aziza's Place was able to provide its programs and services on a total budget of $136,300, serving over 40 children and their families.


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